Riemann Sums – the Theory

The series of post leads up to the Fundamental theorem of Calculus (FTC). Obviously, a very important destination.

  1. Working Towards Riemann Sums
  2. Definition of the Definite Integral and the FTC – a more exact demonstration from last Friday’s post and The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus –  an older demonstration
  3. More about the FTC The derivative of a function defined by an integral – the other half of the FTC.
  4. Good Question 11 Riemann Reversed – How to find the integral, given the Riemann sum. A problem that appears on the AP Calculus exams and can be confusing for students, at first.
  5. Properties of Integrals
  6. Variation on a Theme – 2 Comparing Riemann sums
  7. Trapezoids – Ancient and Modern – some history.





Revised and updated October 22, 2018


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