Unit 4 – Contextual Applications of Differentiation

Contextual applications of the derivative include related rate problems, linear motion problems, and L’Hospital’s Rule. Other applications are in Unit 5.

Units – How to determine the units of a derivative and a definite integral.

Linear Motion

Motion Problems: Same Thing, Different Context – Comparing graphing and motion problems.

Matching Motion – A quick quiz comparing motion questions and graphing questions.

Speed – the relation between speed, velocity, and acceleration discussed analytically and graphically.

A Note on Speed – Can the derivative of speed help you determine if speed is increasing or decreasing?

Related Rates

Relate Rates Problems – I – Two related rate questions with no geometric context. A good place to start so geometry doesn’t get in the way.

Related Rate Problems – II – Two related rate problems you won’t find in books.

Good Question 9 – Two questions that may be answered without calculus, if you know calculus!

L’Hospital’s Rule

Locally Linearity L’Hôpital – Seeing L’Hospital’s Rule graphically

L’Hôpital Rules the Graph = Continuing the post above.