Some post on teaching

When are we ever … A guest blog by Allen Wolmer an AP Calculus reader. He teaches at Yeshiva Atlanta High School, in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the most read blogs.

Getting Started Hints and suggestions for starting the year with links to other posts.

Pacing for AP Calculus hints for planning your year in APC alculus.

On Grading Notes on grading free-response, multiple-choice, and True or False question for your class based on, but not exactly, how the AP scoring is done.

On Scaling and why Percentages Don’t Make the Grade No two exams on the same topics can ever be of equal difficulty. What to do about it.

Easier Exams should be an oxymoron.

Using AP Questions All Year

Is this going to be on the exam? Why some important concepts are and are not tested on the AP Exams

Flipping (Part 1) and Flipping (Part 2)  A guest blog by Bobby Barber, Millville Senior High School, Millville, NJ. 

Calculus Camp The ultimate way to review by guest blogger Robert Vriesman

Your AP IPR Your Instructional Planning Report and how to use it.