Techniques of Integration 

Integration by Parts – 1

Integration by Parts – 2

Modified Tabular Integration – Really this is the easy way.

Parts and More Parts

Good Question – 12 Parts with a Constant?

VIDEOS on Techniques of Integration

Areas and Volumes of Solid Figures:

Area Between Curves

Under is a Long Way Down

Visualizing Solid Figures 1 Physical models of solid figures

Visualizing Solid Figures 2 Solids with regular cross sections

Visualizing Solid Figures 3 Volume by “Washers”

Volume of Solids with Regular Cross-sections

Volumes of Revolution

Why You Never Need Cylindrical Shells

VIDEOS on Applications of Integration

Other Applications 

Improper Integrals and proper areas.

Average Value of a Function

Most Triangles are Obtuse! What is the probability that a triangle picked at random will be acute? An average value problem.

Logarithms The real definition of the logarithm function and where it come from.

Parametric, Vector, and Polar Functions

These are BC topics

Parametric Equations – A particle moving in a plane

Implicit Differentiation of Parametric Equations

A Vector’s Derivatives

Polar Curves

A series on ROULETTES some special parametric curves (BC topic – enrichment):


On the exams; not in many textbooks 

Accumulation: Need an Amount? Accumulation 1: If you need an amount, look around for a rate to integrate.

AP Accumulation Questions Accumulation 2: AP Exam Rate/Accumulation Questions

Graphing with Accumulation 1 Accumulation 3: Graphing Ideas in Accumulation – Increasing and decreasing

Graphing with Accumulation 2: Accumulation 4: Graphing Ideas in Accumulation – Concavity

Stamp Out Slope-intercept Form! Accumulation 5: Lines

Accumulation and Differential Equations Accumulation 6: Differential equations

Painting a Point Accumulation 7: An application (of paint)


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