Computing Derivatives

Computing Derivatives 1 Basic forms

Notes Limits and Continuity 1

Computing Derivatives 2 – Product and Quotient Rules

Notes: Calculus Compute Derivatives 2

Computing Derivatives 3 – The Chain Rule

Notes Calculus Compute Derivatives 3

Computing Derivative 4 – Exponential Functions

Notes Calculus Compute Derivatives 4


Computing Derivative 5 – Implicit Differentiation

Notes Calculus Compute Derivatives 5

Computing Derivatives 6 – Second and higher derivatives including second derivatives of exponential functions.

Notes Calculus Compute Derivatives 6

Computing Derivatives 7 – Fractions exponents, radicals, logarithms, variables to variable powers.

Notes Calculus Compute Derivatives 7







1 thought on “Computing Derivatives

  1. Excellent notetaking guides!!! I did notice that the notetaking guide for Computing Derivative 1 did not match the video.


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