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The new AP Calculus CED 2019  This is what you have to cover. Keep it handy!

NEW An index of all free-response questions from 1971 – 2018 listed by major topics. These were researched by by Kalpana Kanwar a teacher at Wisconsin Heights High School. Thank you Kalpana! They include precalculus topics that were tested on the exams before 1998. These may be good for your precalculus classes. (Remember that the course description underwent major changes in 1998 and some topics were dropped at that time. These include the “A” topics (precalculus), Newton’s Method, work, volume by cylindrical shells among others. Be careful, when assigning old questions; they’re good, but they may no longer be tested.) 

Ted Gott’s FRQ Index by topic 1998 to 2017 and  MC Index by topic 1998 to 2018 . Excel spreadsheet referencing each the AP exam free-response question (1998 to 2018) to the Learning Objectives (LO) and Essential Knowledge (EK) statements from the 2016 Course and exam Description (next below) AND linking each question to its 2016 scoring standard. Thank You Ted!

The  AB Directions and BC Directions. Yes, this is boiler plate stuff, but take a few minutes to go over it with your students. They should not have to see the directions for the first time on the day of the exam.The free-response instruction have changed slightly from previous years. The change is not a policy change, but rather made to emphasize certain things that students should be doing. For more on the changes see NCTM Calculus Panel Notes.

The AP Calculus Exam: How, not only to Survive, but Prevail  Hints and Advice for students Revised for 2018

A Guide to the AP Calculus (AB & BC) Free-response Questions

Type Analysis 2018 and a discussion of the types from Teaching AP Calculus, 3rd edition.

Some suggestions on Pacing for AP Calculus

Dan Kennedy’s great article on Assessing True Academic Success   (The Mathematics Teacher, September 1999, page 462 – 466)

Suggestions on Solving Inequalities

Calculator Skills Required for the AP Calculus Exams

Problems for The First Week of AP Calculus  by Paul A. Foerster

An Exploration of the Shape of a Graph

Teaching Limits –  Slides and recording of a webinar.

Evan J. Romer’s Job problem. From Real “Real-life” Graph Reading October 29, 2012.

Virtual Slide Rule  It really works

Calculator Skills for the AP Calculus exams. Hints and advice for students.

Notes about Speed for AP Calculus Teachers Rev

Comparison Test Chart  Updated 2-2-18

From the 2013 NCTM Annual Meeting: The Ubiquitous Particle Motion Problem Handout and PowerPoint Slides

Mean Numbers problem solution see September 24, 2013 )


Accumulation and Functions Defined by Integrals – Recording of my Webinar of December 5, 2012.

Why is “x” the Unknown?  A TED Talk (direct link to video below)

Maury High School

Does Math Exist? A video

(For reference here is the 2016 Course and Exam Description for AP Calculus AB and BC from the College Board, (Revised Fall 2016

Links for the Roulette Series (Summer 2014)

The Winplot Roulette Generator can be downloaded here. Winplot itself can be downloaded here,

The Roulette Generator for Geometer’s Sketchpad can be downloaded here. Thank you Audrey Weeks for this animation.

Stephen Davis note on scoring L’Hospital’s Rule 


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