Thru the Year

The monthly pages in this list of posts on topics are arranged so that you can stay ahead of your schedule. This is not intended to be a day-by-day listing of what you should teach, or even in what order you the topics should be taught. The topics for each month are arranged so that you can read them before you get to that topic – that is, so that you can use them to plan several weeks ahead of when you teach the topics, or use a different order.


  • Getting started,
  • Pre-calculus topics and ideas,
  • Limits,
  • Theorems,  definitions, and Logic


  • Definition of Derivative
  • Computing Derivatives
  • The Mean Value Theorem


  • Derivative
  • Graphing


  • Inverses
  • Linear motion


  • Getting ready to integrate
  • Riemann sums, the definition of the definite integral and the Fundamental theorem of Calculus


  • Techniques of Integration
  • Area and Volumes of Solid Figures
  • Other applications of integration
  • Parametric, Vector, and Polar Functions (BC topics)
  • Accumulation


  • Differential Equations
  • Power Series (BC topic)

Reviewing for the AP Exams (March)



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