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This section contains the PowerPoint slides and other resources for the Mass Insight Online Conference of November 2020.

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Short TopicsA collection of brief presentations on a variety of topics: Inverses and the definition of the natural logarithm, L’Hospital’s Rule done graphically, Infinite sequences and radical 2. Who need Cylindrical Shells? Riemann Reversed, Extremes the old-fashioned Way, and who knows what else?  Have your graphing calculator handy. (AB and BC)

The MVT and the FTC – This presentation begins with a classroom exercise that will lead into the Mean Value Theorem. Then we will consider the theorems leading up to the MVT and the proof of the MVT, the graphical interpretation of the MVT, AP Calculus Exam question about the MVT, how the MVT is used to prove the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, and using the FTC on the AP Exams Have your graphing calculator handy. (AB and BC)

Reviewing for the AP Calculus Exams & Writing on the AP Calculus Exams– Ideas for reviewing for the exams, how to use AP questions through the year, scoring and scaling your exams, suggestions for planning your review, and resources. There will be a detailed discussion of the ten “type” questions of the free-response section, The presentation will include a discussion of how to answer the writing questions (justify your answer, explain your reasoning, etc.). (AB and BC)