AP Exam Scoring

AP Exam Scoring

This series of videos was originally written to help teachers grade the 2010 exam which was being used as a simulated or mock exam. You may use it that way. Another use may be to help you understand how the exams are graded, what things earn points, and what things do not. Look beyond the particular question for the general philosophy. You should also share this with your students so they  can understand what is required.

Question AB 1 and BC 1 Rates and Accumulation

Question AB 2 and BC 2 Table / Numerical

Question AB 3: Rates from graph, Riemann sum

Question AB 4 and BC 4 Area and Volume

Question AB 5 Given the graph of the derivative answer questions about the function

Question AB 6 Solve a differential equation

Question BC 3 Particle motion in a plane – parametric equations

Questions BC 5 Solve a differential equation, Euler’s Method, L’Hôpital’s  Rule

Question BC 6 Power Series, Taylor Series, error bound of an Alternating series








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