Reviewing for the AP Exams (Pre 2020)

Notes on reviewing for the AP Calculus Exams.

Ideas and Suggestions

AP Exam Review (2-2-2017) Ideas for how to review

Using AP Questions all Year (8-11-2015)

Using Practice Exam (2-24-2017)

Practice Exams – A Modest Proposal (6-6-2015) Use them; don’t grade them

The Writing Questions on the AP Exams (2-28-2017)

Calculator Use on the AP Exams

NCTM Calculus Panel Notes Some good advice from the chief reader on preparing for the AP Calculus exams – from the 2017 NCTM Annual Meeting (4-11-2017)

And some last-minute advice Getting Ready for the Exam

Is this going to be on the exam? (12-20-2016) Topics that are not tested on the AP Calculus Exams

Calculus Camp (7-22-2015) Another way to review.

Resources Where to find past AP Exam questions

Resources for Reviewing (2-23-2017)

MC unsecure Index by topic 1998 to 2018  Ted Gott’s Exam multiple-choice index linked to the LOs and EKs. Download an Excel Spreadsheet

FRQ Index by topic 1998 to 2017  Ted Gott’s Exam free-response index linked to the LOs and EKs. Download an Excel Spreadsheet

Multiple-choice and free-response type analysis 2018

The 10 “Type” Questions

Rate and Accumulation Questions (Type 1) (3-6-2018)

Linear Motion (Type 2) (3-9-2018)

Graph and Function Analysis (Type 3) (3-10-2018)

Area & Volume Problems (Type 4) (3-16-2018)

Table and Riemann Sum question (Type 5) (3-20-2018)

Differential Equations (Type 6) (3-23-2018) and Domain of a Differential Equation April 7, 2017

Other Topics (Type 7) (3-27-2018)

Parametric/Vector Questions (Type 8) (3-30-2018)  BC only

Polar Equation Questions (Type 9) (4-3-2018) BC only

Sequences and Series Questions  (Type 10)  (4-6-2018) BC only

And finally

As teachers preparing your students for the exam, you really don’t need to be concerned about all the fine points of grading as readers are. Encourage your students to answer the question correctly and show the required work. Don’t worry about what if I say this, instead of that. If your students try to answer and show their work but miss or overlook something, the readers will do their best to follow the students work and give him or her the points they have earned. You should be more stringent. Why show your students the minimum they can get away with? That does not help them! Do your students a favor: score the review problems more stringently than the readers. If their answer is not quite right, take off some credit and help them learn how to do better. It will help them in the long run.










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