Activities and Explorations

This page links to handouts, worksheets, and that kind of stuff. They are from my book or from material I’ve used at workshops and with students.

Accumulation Activity – Introduction to accumulation hinting at the FTC

Average Value Activity – Exploring the Average Value graphically leading to the analytic expression.

Derivative Cards – Black line masters of cards to match functions and their first derivatives.

Function – Graph – Derivative – Activity sheets exploring the graphical, numerical, analytic and verbal relationships between the functions, its graph, and its derivative. The solution is given followed by 4 activities. Give each to a different student or group and have them compare their answers.

Graph Matching – Black line masters for a set of 4 cards for each function. Give them all and have the students in groups pair up the examples. Remove the first and second derivative cards and use in precalculus to identify graphs by their properties.

Motion Matching – a Quick matching exercise comparing t he same concepts in function graphing and linear motion.

The Old Pump and the Airplane – Activities introducing the definite integral. See this post The Old Pump

Quiz on “Justify Your Answer” – Based on an idea from Dixie Ross, this “quiz” asks students to write justifications of a local extreme value three different ways (first and second derivative tests and the Candidates Test) without reference to one another.

Slope Field Activity – An activity given to me by Deborah B. Preston.

Speed Activity – Seeing the speed on the velocity graph.

Velocity Matching Game and answers – Matching the graph of velocity, motion with the verbal description. (Not my work, but I’ve misplaced the name of the teacher who gave it to me. – Sorry)

Wedding Bell Activity – Use a foldout wedding bell or other fold out item to estimate a volume of rotation.