This and the other months on the “Thru the Year” tab are sequenced to be a bit ahead of where most AP classes are in the month listed. The September page list past post on topics stared near the end of September into October. October’s page has November topics, and so on.

Newer Posts  From 2017

Difference Quotients

Why Radians

Differentiation Techniques  The definition, basics, product rule, Quotient Rule

The Chain Rule

Teaching and Learning Theorems  Some things about theorems and definitions in general that students should be aware of.

Implicit Differentiation  Approaches to teaching about implicit differentiation

Older Posts

The definition of derivative, rules for finding derivatives, the Mean Value Theorem. Some of these have been mover to later months.

Definition of Derivative

Difference Quotients I

Difference Quotients II

The Derivative I

The Derivative II

Graphing calculator / technology Series 1 – Graphing calculator use

Graphing calculator / technology Series 2 Tangent Lines 

Graphing calculator / technology series 3 – Difference Quotients    coming soon

At Just the Right Time

VIDEOS on The Derivative

Computing Derivatives 

Derivative Rules I

Derivative Rules II

Derivative Rules III

Foreshadowing the Chain Rule and Power Rule Implies Chain Rule

The Chain Rule

Implicit Differentiation

VIDEOS on Computing Derivatives 

The Mean Value Theorem

Fermat’s Penultimate Theorem

Rolle’s Theorem

Mean Numbers 

Mean Tables

The Mean Value Theorem I

The Mean Value Theorem II

Darboux’s Theorem


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