Differential Equations

Posts on Differential Equations

Differential Equations (1-5-2015) The basics and definitions.

Domain of a Differential Equation (4-7-2017) notes and examples on finding the domain of the solution of a differential equation. (Updated thru the 2018 exam.)

Slope Fields (1-9-2015) Graphical solutions: The solution is lurking in the slope field.

Euler’s Method (1-12-2015) Numerical solutions (BC only topic)

Euler’s Method for Making Money (2-25-2015) The connection between compound growth (compound interest) and Euler’s Method.

Accumulation and Differential Equations  (2-1-2013) Solving differential equations without the “+C

Good Question 2: 2002 BC 5 (2-17-2015) A differential equation that cannot be solved by separating the variables is investigated anyway. Most of this question is AB material.

A Family of Functions (2-21-2015) Further investigation of the general solution of the equation discussed above in Good Question 2. Most of this question is AB material.

The Logistic Equation (1-31-2017) An outline of the logistic differential equation, its solution, its graph, and what students need to know for the exam. BC Topic.

        An Exploration in Differential Equations  (6-8-2018) An exploration covering pretty much all of the ideas in differential equation based on 2018 AB 6.  The exploration is here and the solutions here..

Logistics Growth – Real and Simulated (1-24-2017) Examples of logistic growth and a simulation you can use in your class. BC Topic.

Type 6 Questions: Differential Equations (3-23-2018) What AB and BC students need to know about differential equations for the AP Calculus exams.