Unit 7 – Differential Equations

An introduction to differential equations. AP Calculus BC includes all the AB topics plus a few more.

AB and BC topics

Why Muss with the “+C”? – Another way of dealing with the initial condition while integrating

Accumulation and Differential Equations – Solving simple differential equations  

Differential Equations – Introduction and terminology.

Domain of a Differential Equation – How to find the domain of the solution and how to best manage absolute value when solving initial value problems.

An Exploration in Differential Equations An exploration using 2018 AB 6 to see aspects of differential Equations.

Slope Fields – Seeing the solutions. (Uses Winplot, but there are other programs for drawing slope fields.)

Euler’s Method – numerical approximation of a differential equation’s solution. (BC only)

Good Question 2: 2002 BC 5 – Using Slope Fields. One of my favorites. And a follow up A Family of Functions.

Euler’s Method for Making Money – Compound interest by Euler’s Method.        

BC Only Topics

The Logistic Equation – Notes on what students should know and understand.

Logistic Growth – Real and Simulated – Real examples of logistic growth and an easy simulation you can use in your class.