Graphing Calculator Use

Calculators – How they came to be required.

Calculator Use on the AP Exams – What students should be able to do and what they cannot do on the exam with their graphing calculator.

Graphing Calculators – HP Prime, History, iPad’s testing option.

Discovering the Derivative – Ways to introduce the idea of a derivative using a graphing calculator.

Graphing Calculator Use – (1) Graphing and Store-and-recall

Tangent Line – (2) Exploring the tangent line and the derivative                

Seeing Difference Quotients – (3) Using technology to explore difference quotients.

Comparing the Graph of a Function and its Derivative – (4) Seeing how the features of either affect the other.

How to Tell your Asymptote from a Hole in the Graph. – (5) Helping your calculator and your students see discontinuities.

Graphing Integrals – (6) Graphing integrals without integrating.

Definite integrals – Exam Considerations – (7) calculator integration.

Graphing Taylor Polynomials – (8) How to use a grapher to see a series and its interval of convergence.