Sequences and Series

These are BC topics SEQUENCES

Everyday series (1-17-2017) The most familiar series: Numbers

Amortization (2-9-2015) An important use of a (finite) series – Find you mortgage payment without calculus.

Convergence Test List A summary of the tests. Download and copy for your students (and yourself)

Which Convergence Test Should I Use? Part 1 (2-9-2018) You have a big choice

Which Convergence Test Should I Use? Part 2 (2-16-2018) Making the best choice.

POWER SERIES (Maclaurin series and Taylor series)        The Hindu-Arabic Series – the most import series.

Introducing Power Series 1 (2-8-2013) Making better approximations

Introducing Power Series 2 (2-11-2013) Graphing and seeing the interval of convergence

Introducing Power Series 3 (2-13-2013) Questions pointing the way to power series

Graphing Taylor Polynomials (2-7-2017) Using a graphing calculator to graphs Taylor series

New Series from Old 1 (2-15-2013) Substituting

New Series from Old 2 (2-18-2013) Differentiating and Integrating

New Series from Old 3 (2-20-2013) Rational functions as geometric series

Good Question 16 (11-30-2018) What you get when you substitute.

Geometric Series – Far Out (2-14-2017) A very interesting and instructive mistake

Synthetic Summer Fun (7-10-2017) Finding the Taylor series coefficients without differentiating

Error Bounds (2-22-2013) The alternating series error bound, and the Lagrange error bound

The Lagrange Highway (5-20-15) a metaphor for the error bound

REVIEW NOTES Type 10: Sequence and Series Questions (4-6-2018) A summary for reviewing sequences and series.