I was reminded recently that a few years ago when I worked f or the National Math and Science Initiative  I made a series of video lessons covering most of the curriculum. I decided to post them here. The production values are not that great, but the math is right (I think).

The person who reminded my of them used then for “flipping” her class. They were made for review and for students who missed a class. You could use them for all these things and even for snow day assignments.

Most of the videos have a note sheet with them to help students follow along and take notes. You may download these in .pdf format.

You may also find them at by searching for my name.

Here is how to download the videos and view them off-line (thanks to Bryan Grant);

Step 1: Download the Vimeo iOS app from the App Store (assuming you have an iPhone).

Step 2: Open the app. Join Vimeo.

Step 3: Click the search icon on the upper right.  Search for People.  Type in Lin McMullin.  Choose his channel.

Step 4: You will see 57 videos on his channel. By clicking the three dots (ellipses “…”) next to each video, you can choose “Make Available Offline.  Do that for each video you want to watch.

Step 5: You can access these offline videos by choosing the bookmark, which is the middle icon at the bottom of the app.

Some of the pages are still “under construction” as they say. There are 54 videos in all. The rest will be ready soon.





Revised 4-25-2019


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