Matching Motion

Particle motion 2

Here’s a little matching quiz. In the function column there is a list of properties of functions and in the motion column are a list of terms describing the motion of a particle. The two lists are very similar. Match the terms in the function list with the corresponding terms in the Linear Motion list (some may be used more than once). The answers are below. For more on this idea see my previous post Motion Problems: Same Thing, Different Context.

Function                                               Linear Motion
1. Value of a function at x                     A. acceleration
2. First derivative                                  B. “at rest”  
3. Second derivative                             C. farthest left 
4. Function is increasing                       D. farthest right
5. Function is decreasing                      E. moving to the left or down 
6. Absolute Maximum                          F. moving to the right or up
7. Absolute Minimum                            G. object changes direction
8. y ʹ = 0                                                H. position at time t
9. y ʹ changes sign                                I. speed 
10. Increasing & concave up                J. speed is decreasing
11. Increasing & concave down           K. speed is increasing
12. Decreasing & concave up              L. velocity
13. Decreasing & concave down             
14. Absolute value of velocity      


Answers:  1. H,   2. L,   3. A,   4. F,   5. E,   6. D,   7. C,   8. B,   9. G,   10. K,   11. J,   12. J,   13. K,   14. I


3 thoughts on “Matching Motion

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  2. I’m planning ahead for next year and just discovered this. Love it and will definitely use this next year. Thanks so much!
    Grace Jang
    Liberty Classical Academy
    White Bear, MN


  3. Love this post. I will use this TODAY!
    Thank you so much for your work.

    Tammy T. Bobo, PhD
    Mathematics Teacher
    Pickens High School
    150 Blue Flame Drive
    Pickens, SC 29671


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