Brushing Up the Blog

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve been working this month on making things at the Teaching Calculus blog easier to find. There are about 360 posts and it’s getting difficult for me to find things. Here is the new line up on the black navigation menu at the top of each page. Click each to see more.


This is the place where the blog post show up in chronological order with the latest on top. Under it are four featured post, which usually are just the four most recent posts. Under that are the remaining posts.

TOPICS a new menu

Under this menu I’ve brought together all the post on each of the main topics in first-year calculus. I hope this helps you find posts more easily. New posts will be added to these lists as they are posted.

OTHER RESOURCES a reorganized menu

Here I’ve listed other posts under these headings:

  • Before you Start contains links to posts about things you may want to consider before the year begins including some Algebra pre-calculus topics.
  • Calculators and Technology has information and ideas about calculators, calculator use on the AP Calculus exams, and other technology.
  • Essays are posts on other topics related to calculus.
  • Good Questions has links to individual questions I’ve found interesting and/or instructive; questions you can adapt and expand.
  • The CED has posts related to the AP Calculus Course and Exam Description for AP Calculus.
  • Presentations contains links to PowerPoint presentations from presentations and talks I have given. You may use them if you like.
  • Resources from Posts has links to things mentioned in posts that you may be looking for.
  • Monthly – this monthly list of topics will remain for a while. Since the Topics menu list all these and more, I will be removing this menu soon.


This menu links to about 57 videos on calculus topics that I made when I was National Director of Mathematics Programs for the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI). They were made in 2012, but the math hasn’t changed. There are for students and teachers.


Here are the remnants of a website I abandoned some time ago. Most of this is out of date, but i didn’t want to totally lose it. don’t be surprised if it disappears some time soon


My contact information is here.

As I continue brush things up I will be reorganizing, rearranging, and renaming, and moving some items elsewhere. If you think something has gone lost, if you find a typo, or an incorrect link, please let me know at this email address

If you have any calculus questions or a suggestion for a post, please contact me at the same email address

Please use the LIKE button at the bottom of each post. (assuming you like it); It helps me know what you like and find helpful.






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