Limits – They Make the Calculus Work.

In an ideal world, I would like to have all students study limits in their pre-calculus course and know all about them when they get to calculus. Certainly, this would be better than teaching how to calculate derivatives in pre-calculus (after all derivatives are calculus, not pre-calculus).

Limits are the foundation of the calculus. Continuity, an important property of functions, depends on limits. All derivatives and all definite integrals are limits. For AP Calculus students need a good intuitive understanding of limits, what they mean, and how to find them The formal (delta-epsilon) definition is not tested and need not be taught, however, do not feel that you have to avoid it. If your students can handle it, let them try.

Here are a few of my previous posts on limits.

Why Limits?

Finding Limits  How to … and the use of “infinity” vs “DNE”

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Deltas and Epsilons Not tested on the AP Exams; here’s why.

Asymptotes The graphical manifestation of limits at or equal to infinity.

Next Week: Continuity

Update of my post of August 15, 2017.


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