Applications of Integration, part 3: Accumulation

Integration, at its basic level, is addition. A definite integral is a sum (a Riemann sum). When you add things you get an amount of whatever you are adding: you accumulate. Here are some previous posts on this important idea that often shows up on the AP Calculus exams (usually the first free-response question!)

Accumulation: Need an Amount?

Good Question 6 – 2000 AB 4  One of my favorite questions

Painting a Point

Real “Real Life” Graph Reading

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs  are real life accumulation problem based on a graph

Graphing with Accumulation 1 Increasing and decreasing.

Graphing with Accumulation 2 Concavity

Accumulation and Differential Equations   Differential equations will be considered next week, but this idea relates to integration.

Good Question 8 – or Not?

Rate and Accumulation Questions (Type 1)








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