2021 Review Notes

About this time of year, I have been posting notes on reviewing and on the ten types of problems that usually appear on the AP Calculus Exams AB and BC. Since the types do not change, I am posting all the links below. They are only slightly revised from last year. You can also find them under “AP Exam Review” on the black navigation bar above.  

Each link provides a list of “What students should know” and links to other post and questions from past exams related to the type under consideration.

Note that the 10 Types are not the same as the 10 Units in the Fall 2020 Course and Exam Description. This is because many of the exam questions have parts from different units.

Here are the links to the various review posts:

When assigning past exams questions for review (and you should assign past exam question), keep in mind that students can find the scoring standards online. Even though the AP program forbids this and makes every effort to prevent them from being posted, they are there. Students can “research” the solution. Keep this in mind when assigning questions from past exams. Here is a suggestion Practice Exams – A Modest Proposal



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