Differential Equations 2

More posts on differential equations

Good Question 2: 2002 BC 5 (2-17-2015) A differential equation that cannot be solved by separating the variables is investigated anyway. Most of this question is AB material.

A Family of Functions (2-21-2015) Further investigation of the general solution of the equation discussed above in Good Question 2. Most of this question is AB material.

The Logistic Equation (1-31-2017) An outline of the logistic differential equation, its solution, its graph, and what students need to know for the exam. BC Topic.

        Don’t miss this one -> An Exploration in Differential Equations  (6-8-2018) An exploration covering pretty much all of the ideas in differential equation based on 2018 AB 6.  The exploration is here and                                                          the solutions here..

Logistics Growth – Real and Simulated (1-24-2017) Examples of logistic growth and a simulation you can use in your class. BC Topic.

Review Notes

Type 6 Questions: Differential Equations (3-23-2018) What AB and BC students need to know about differential equations for the AP Calculus exams.

The College Board is pleased to offer a new live online event for new and experienced AP Calculus teachers on March 5th at 7:00 PM Eastern.

I will be the presenter.

The topic will be AP Calculus: How to Review for the Exam:  In this two-hour online workshop, we will investigate techniques and hints for helping students to prepare for the AP Calculus exams. Additionally, we’ll discuss the 10 type questions that appear on the AP Calculus exams, and what students need know and to be able to do for each. Finally, we’ll examine resources for exam review.

Registration for this event is $30/members and $35/non-members. You can register for the event by following this link: http://eventreg.collegeboard.org/d/xbqbjz








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