Resources for Reviewing

Here are several resources that will help you get started with your review

  • Released free-response questions from the College Board. AB and BC.
  • Released multiple-choice questions.
    • 2012 from the College Board are here for AB and here for BC FREE (.PDF)
    • 2008 AB and BC  College Board store cost $30.00 Paper (Search on-line and you should be able to find a copy, but so can your students.)
    • 2003 AB and BC College Board store cost $42.00 Paper (Search on-line and you should be able to find a copy, but so can your students.)
    • 1998  AB Exam Free (.PDF)
    • The 2013 – 2016 Secure Exams are available at your audit website.
  • Type Analysis 2018 by the 10 type questions that will be discussed in later posts. (by. Lin McMullin)
  • The  AB Directions and BC Directions. Yes, this is boiler plate stuff, but take a few minutes to go over it with your students. They should not have to see the directions for the first time on the day of the exam.The free-response instruction have changed slightly from previous years. The change is not a policy change, but rather made to emphasize certain things that students should be doing. For more on the changes see NCTM Calculus Panel Notes.
  • Calculator Skills needed on the AP Exams – share this information with your students, if you have not already done so. There are only about 12 -15 points on the entire exam which require a calculator. A calculator alone will not get anyone a 5 (or even a 2). Nevertheless, the points are there and usually pretty easy to earn. The real reason calculators and other technology are so important is that when used throughout the year, they help students better understand the calculus.

The next posts:

Friday February 24: Using Practice Exams

Tuesday February 28: The Writing Questions on the AP Exams

Friday March 3: Type 1 of the 10 type questions: Rate and Accumulation

Tuesday March 7: Type 2 Linear Motion

Revised 4-17-17




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