February 2016

As I hope you’ve noticed there is a new pull-down on the navigation bar called “Website.” For some years I’ve had a website at linmcmullin.net that lately I’ve been neglecting. I decided to close it in the next few days, and therefore, I move most of the material that is there to this new tab. The main items of interest are probably those under “Calculus”, “Winplot”, and “CAS.” If you used that website you should be able to find what you need here. If you cannot find something, then please write and I’ll try to help.

In my post entitled January 2016 are listing of post for the applications of integration for both AB and BC calculus. This month’s posts are BC topics on sequences, series, and parametric and polar equations.

Posts from past Februarys

Sequences and Series

February 9, 2015 Amortization A practical application of sequences.

February 8, 2013: Introducing Power Series 1

February 11, 2013: Introducing Power Series 2

February 13, 2013: Introducing Power Series 3

February 15, 2013 New Series from Old 1

February 18, 2013: New Series from Old 2

February 20, 2013: New Series from Old 3

February 22, 2013: Error Bounds

May 20, 2015 The Lagrange Highway

Polar, Parametric, and Vector Equations

March 15, 2013 Parametric and Vector Equations

March 18, 2013 Polar Curves

May 17, 2014 Implicit Differentiation of Parametric Equations 

A series on ROULETTES some special parametric curves (BC topic – enrichment):







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