Summer Reading

I like to read and I read a lot. I often have a novel going. Lately since I’ve been writing this Blog, I’ve been reading other blogs. I’ve listed a few in the right-side column but here are two that might interest you. (Since deleted)

Wired Magazine

Wired magazine  has a lot of interesting articles on science and technology. They also publish a collection of Science Blogs. If you are interested in what’s going on in science this may be the place to start. Samuel Arbesman writes the math blog entitled Social Dimensions that is more focused on things mathematical. Wired also has the latest in math news like their piece on the “Unknown Mathematician Proves Elusive Property of Prime Numbers”


Another of my favorites is a blog called dy/dan  by Dan Meyer who always has interesting ideas and interesting problems to discuss from all levels of teaching mathematics. The blog has lessons on lots of topics.

Dan recently posted the video below. It is a talk by Uri Theisman entitled “Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize” concerning equity, race and the opportunity to learn. Dr. Theisman is from the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin. He is a recognized authority on education. The talk was given at the NCTM meeting April 19, 2103. It runs about 50 minutes and is certainly worth the time. Anyone interested in equity and the opportunity to learn will find this interesting.  Here is Dr. Theisman’s own summary:

There are two factors that shape inequality in this country and educational achievement inequality. The big one is poverty. But a really big one is an opportunity to learn. As citizens, we need to work on poverty and income inequality or our democracy is threatened. As mathematics educators … we need to work on opportunity to learn. It cannot be that the accident of where a child lives or the particulars of their birth determine their mathematics education.

Uri Treisman’s “Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize” – NCTM 2013 from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.

Is God a Mathematician?

Finally, if you are looking for an actual book to read, I recommend again Is God a Mathematician? by Mario Livio. I written about this book before here.


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