Before You Start

This page contains links to posts on some general topics and pre-calculus posts you may.

Some things to get you started 

On Grading – Some thoughts on grading tests and other work in the manner that Advanced Placement Calculus test are graded.

On Scaling – Tests, quizzes, other work should be scaled, not to give free points, but to equalize the difficulty of the assignment and attempt to make the grades mean the same thin. No one can make two test of equal difficulty on the same topic. Different scaling techniques are discussed. Also see Percentages Don’t Make the Grade and an article on assessment by Dan Kennedy. Also see “Easier” Exams (7-11-2014)

The Course and Exam Description for AP Calculus AB and BC

Pacing for AP Calculus

When are we ever …  A popular guest blog by Allen Wolmer answering the question we always get.

Flipping 1 and   Flipping 2 A guest blogger discusses this new teaching idea.

Using AP Questions All Year


A Note on Notation

The First & Second Day of School

The First Week

Pre-calculus Ideas

The Unknown Thing – Why we use x – A TED Talk. 

Absolutely Thoughts on Absolute Value

Extremes without Calculus

Show Me the Math!  Was math invented or discovered?

Inequalities  solving inequalities without all the arithmetic

Amortization  Find your monthly payment of a loan. – An application of geometric series




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