Ted Gott’s Exam Index

My friend Ted Gott has just prepared a new index to the AP Calculus exam free-response questions from 1998 to the present. Expanding on an earlier spread sheet by Mark Howell, Ted has referenced all the questions to the Learning Outcomes (LO) and Essential Knowledge (EK) statements of the new Course and Exam Description. AND has live links to the individual questions and their scoring standards.

AND HERE IT IS: FRQ Index by topic 1998 to 2017 (Updated to include 2017 FRQs. August 2, 2017)

And for Multiple-choice questions MC unsecure Index by topic 1998 to 2018

Clicking on the arrows at the top of each column allows you to search by LOs and EKs, and to find other questions on the same topic.The right most column provides a direct link to the scoring standard for that question.

What a great resource. THANK YOU TED !