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As I am not doing many new posts these days, I want to call your attention to the “Blog Guide” tab above. This tab will guide you to the information on the blog. It will help sort through the approximately five hundred posts and find those that concern the topic you are interested in.

The “Before Calculus” section discusses things usually taught before calculus.

The “Pedagogy” sections had notes on pacing, teaching, testing, grading, and scoring.

The “Graphing Calculator Use” page contains links to what students should know and be able to do on the AP Calculus Exam with their graphing calculator. There are also links to how to use a graphing calculator to teach some of the topics in the course.

The “AP Exam Review” has links to the ten common type questions on the exams with notes on what students should know about each of them. Good for review and as you teach each topic during the year.

Then there are links to the ten units, different from the type questions, in the current Course and Exam Description for AP Calculus AB and BC.

The “Good Questions” links are to specific questions, mostly from past AP exams, which are discussed in detail. They explore the richness of the question.

“Odds and Ends” has links to, well, odds and ends – other posts you may find interesting and helpful.

Meanwhile: An interesting article “How I Rewired My Brain to Become Fluent in Math”


2 thoughts on “Blog Guide

  1. Thank-you for all of these resources. I really appreciate your thoughts, expertise, and resources.

    Marjorie Ader

    Sent from my iPad


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