Reviewing Resources 2022

This is a list of links to some resources for reviewing.

The 2020 AP Calculus AB and BC Course and Exam Description (CED) The 10 units in this document list which topics may be tested on the exams. The rule of thumb is that is a topic is not listed, then it will not be tested on the exams.

How, Not Only to Survive, but to Prevail… –  Notes and advice for your students. You may copy and duplicate this for your class.

Calculator Use on the AP Exams – hints and instruction.

Ted Gott’s Free-response Index – an excel spreadsheet searchable by topic, and referenced to the 2016 CED by Learning Objectives (LO) and Essential Knowledge (EK). While this is not the current CED, the EKs and LOs are similar and will help you find past questions on the topics.

Type Analysis 2021 a listing of the questions on both free-response (1998 – 2019) and and multiple-choice questions (2003, 2008, 2012 – 2019)  by type, so you can find them easily. I will update this as soon as the 2019 exams are released.

Next Tuesday I will begin a series of posts on the various “type” questions that appear on the AP Calculus exams. The schedule is below.


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