NEW AP Calculus CED Is Now Available

The new Course and Exam Description for AP Calculus AB & BC (CED 2019) effective for the  coming school year has been published and is available electronically at the course homepages. The direct link is

This document is for both AB and BC courses.

There will be no change in the exam style and format, and no change in what is tested on the exams.

The organization has changed from the 2016 CED. Instead of a list of topics the course is organized into 10 Units with the topics for each unit. It is almost the start of a syllabus for the course. (No one is required to follow the outline. You may do your own thing, so long as you teach the required content.)  The electronic version contains live links to other resources and addition material to help you organize and teach your course.

The CED 2019 is also available free, gratis, for nothing in a binder so you can intersperse your own notes, worksheet, and activities in each unit. AP teachers in the United States who have completed the AP Course Audit can request a free copy of the binder by January 31, 2020. The binders will be mailed beginning in June 2019. Sign up to get yours here.

Looking ahead – August: the AP Classroom.

On August 1, 2019 the new AP Classroom will open online. This includes thousands of actual AP exam questions from past exams, AP files, and 1200 new questions. They are organized by the Units in the CED-2019. Teachers may access them and allow their students to do so by assigning them electronically. Feedback for students will include not just the correct answers but a discussion of the mistakes that may lead to the wrong answers of the multiple-choice questions. For more information and the other features of the AP Classroom use the links above to go to the course homepage and scroll down. You may also like this short video. It has more information about the AP Classroom.

Other AP Courses.

A new CED and the AP Classroom material is available for all AP 35 Courses (except AP Computer Science Principles, AP Seminar, and AP Research). Please be sure teachers of other AP Courses in your school and district are aware of this.








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