Exams or Vacation?

What are you looking forward to most: the exam or April vacation?

As I’ve mentioned before, I try to keep my posts a little ahead of where I assume you are. With the exams in less than a month away, this means I’m about done for this year. I’m now going to take some time off from posting every week.

The posts on reviewing for the exams have been posted. You may find them by scrolling down the first page on under the “Thru the Year” tab at the top where they will be from now on. There will be a few posts over the summer, and I’ll start on a regular basis around the beginning of August.

You can receive an email whenever I write a new post by clicking on the RSS-Post and or RSS-Comments link in the column on the right side. If you have and questions or suggestions about what you would like me to write about please email me at lnmcmulin@aol.com .

Thanks for reading this year. Enjoy your vacation and Good Luck on the exam.







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