Back to School – 2016

aug 2016BACK TO SCHOOL – The three words we love and we hate.

I’ve been touching up the blog a bit this week. I hope the changes will make it easier to find posts on the topics you are interested in, and the blog more useful in general.

The THRU THE YEAR tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page has been updated. Links to my videos are now included. The monthly listings are organized so that you can stay ahead of your syllabus; to give you time to incorporate a new idea you like. So if your school starts in September, the August posts are where to start. The order of topics is not a day-to-day listing for you to follow or not even the order you must teach them in. So feel free to look around and rearrange.

The latest post appears at the top of the page. Below that are the four FEATURED POSTS. I will keep the current group in place for a while. These four posts concern the new Course and Exam Description (CED) for the AP Calculus program. The AP Calculus Concept Outline and the Mathematical Practices will be a help you understand the AP courses. The Getting Organized post will show you a way to organize your course using a Trello board that is already started for you.

Below the Featured Posts are the latest posts, newest on top. At the end of each post is a comment button so you can add your comments, suggestions, and ideas. Please use it.

You can find topics by using the SEARCH box on the right below the featured posts. Below that is a POST BY TOPIC drop-down list and a chronological ARCHIVES drop-down list.

If you cannot find what you need please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help. I really could use some suggests for posts. My email is

My plan for the coming months is to write posts on simple graphing calculator use for AP Calculus – ideas that I hope you can use to help your students understand what’s going on better. Look for them.

I hope the blog will make your year a little easier.

Have a good one!












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