March 2016 – Exam Review

get-a-5These year’s AP Calculus exams are on the morning of Thursday May 5, 2016. Later this month or early next month AP Calculus teachers will begin their review for the exams. The links to past posts on getting ready and reviewing for the exams are below. I’m posting them ahead of time so you will have time to use them in your planning.

Exam questions:

Released free-response questions are available from AP Central. Click here for AB and here for BC. Released multiple-choice questions are available only to teachers at your AP Audit website (click on “Secure Documents” on the lower left of the screen. Remember that these four years’ exams (2012 – 2015) are not allowed to leave your room (literally) and they may not be posted anywhere on-line.


Indices to released exam questions:

Click the links to an index to the multiple-choice and free-response exam questions. These are Excel spreadsheets; click the arrow at the top of any column and narrow your search by checking exactly what you are looking for. These were prepared by Mark Howell and are available thanks to Skylight Publishing. (

I have a shorter and much less detailed three-page free-response  (1998 – 2015) index and multiple-choice (2003, 2008, 2012 – 2015 ) index. Click here.The multiple choice question are grouped by the “Type Questions” referred to below. One interesting feature is that you can see at a glance the number of times each type question was asked from year to year; this may help you decide what to emphasize.

Getting Ready for the AP exams (links to past posts)

The AP Calculus Exams

Using AP Questions All Year

Ideas for Reviewing for the AP Calculus Exams

Practice exams – A Modest Proposal All the past exams are available online – what to consider when your students find them.

Writing on the AP Calculus Exam Don’t miss these 7+ FR points.

Interpreting Graphs AP Type Question 1

The Rate / Accumulation Question AP Type Question 2

Area and Volume Questions AP Type Question 3

Motion on a Line AP Type Question 4

The Table Question AP Type Question 5

Differential Equations AP Type Question 6

Implicit Relations and Related Rates AP Type Question 7

Parametric and Vector Equations AP Type Question 8 (BC)

Polar Curves AP Type Question 9 (BC)

Sequences and Series AP Type Question 10 (BC)

Calculator Use on the AP Exams

And some last-minute advice Getting Ready for the Exam











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