November 2015

Here is the list of “November Topics,” that is what AP classes usually consider from mid-November into December. There has been a lot of discussion about inverses this month at the AP Calculus Community. While not the most read on this blog, the series on inverses may be helpful in considering all the ins and outs of inverses.

The four featured posts on the first page are the most popular from this month. Speed with 3563 hits this year and 6157 hits since it first appear is one of the most popular overall. “Open or Closed?” is another poplar post.

Thinking ahead into December, the first posts on integration are here and will continue into December. (As I’ve mentioned I try to post a few weeks ahead of where most people are now, so you have some time to read and plan.)

October 13, 2014 Extremes without Calculus

November 2, 2012 Open or Closed?

November 5, 2012 Inverses

November 7, 2012 Writing Inverses

November 9, 2012 The Range of the Inverse

November 12, 2012 The Calculus of Inverses

November 14, 2012 Inverses Graphically and Numerically

November 16, 2012 Motion Problems: Same Thing, Different Context.

November 19, 2012 Speed

April 17, 2013 The Ubiquitous Particle Motion Question  

September 16, 2014 Matching Motion

November 21, 2012 Derivatives of Exponential Functions

November 26, 2012 Integration Itinerary

November 18, 2012 Antidifferentiation

November 30, 2012 The Old Pump


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