August 2015

I know a lot of you start back to school later this month. Having taught most of my career in New York I’m used to school starting after Labor Day (and ending in late June six weeks after the AP exams), so I still think of August as summer vacation.

Whenever you start, I hope this blog will help you with your calculus classes. If you are new here or a regular reader, please look at the tab “Thru the Year” on the navigation bar above. This is a list of my blog topics by month. To stay a bit ahead of where you are, the August list contains topics from the beginning of the year through September. September’s list is topics for October and so on. This is so you can read them and think about them, before you teach them. August has been updated and the other months will be updated each month.

The four featured post are the most popular, or at least the most read, from past Augusts.

As always, you may use the “Search,” “Posts by Topic,” and “Archives” features in the right sidebar below to find topics you are interested in. There is a “Leave a Reply” link at the very end of each post where you may post your ideas, comments, and questions.  Please do so as I really like the feedback.

Terry Tao

Terry Tao

Here is a link to an interesting story on a working mathematician that I found fascinating. I hope you like it too. It is by Gareth Cook originally appeared in the New York Times on July 24, 2015.


On a personal note, I am moving from Texas back to Saratoga County, New York at the end of this month. My wife and I miss the snow and the taxes, or maybe my wife wants to live close to her sister – one of those. I came here in 2008 and enjoyed living and working here, in Arkansas, and in Hawai’i in the last seven and one-half years. Texas is a great place. But upstate New York is nice too. I will retire a little more than I have this year, but the blog will continue.


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