The AP Calculus exams this year are on Tuesday morning May 5, 2015. Most of you will be finishing your new work this month and getting ready to review. As usual I like to stay a little ahead of where you are so you have time to consider what is offered here.

To help you plan ahead, below are links to previous posts specifically on reviewing for the AP Calculus exams and on the type questions that appear on the free-response sections of the exams.

I suggest you review by topic spending 1 – 3 days on each type so that students can see the things that are asked for and the different ways they are asked. Most of the questions include topics taught at different times during the year; students are not used to this. By considering each type separately students will learn how to pull together what they have been studying all year.

Many of the same ideas are tested in smaller “chunks” on the multiple-choice sections, so looking at the type should help with not only free-response questions but many of the multiple-choice questions as well. You may also find multiple-choice questions for each of the types and assign a few of them along with the corresponding free-response type.

Ideas for Reviewing for the AP Calculus Exams

Calculator Use on the AP Exams (AB & BC)

Interpreting Graphs AP Type Questions 1  chalkboard_math_notes

The Rate/Accumulation Question AP Type Question 2

Area and Volume Questions AP Type Question 3

Motion on a Line AP Type Question 4

The Table Question AP Type Question 5

Differential Equations AP Type Question 6

Implicit Relations and Related Rates AP Type Question 7 

Parametric and Vector Equations AP Type Question 8 (BC)

Polar Curves AP Type Question 9 (BC)

Sequences and Series AP Type Question 10 (BC)

I’ll be traveling this month to do some workshops and will not be posting too much new until I return.


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