August – Vacation or Lesson Planning?

Kauai - The next land in that direction is Antarctica

Kauai – The next land in that direction is Antarctica

Well, duh, vacation of course.  I’m on vacation right now – you can write blog posts ahead of time and post them later on schedule.  So I hope you are all enjoying some vacation too. After 10 months in Hawai’i I need a vacation (I really was working there.)

But, later this month school will be starting for a lot of you, and the others won’t be far behind.

As I hope you’ve noticed, I made some changes to the blog in the last month. The “Thru the Year” tab at the top of the page has been changed to a pull down menu so you can get to each month quicker. Here you will find a list of my past blogs on various calculus topics arranged more or less in the order most folks follow. These are listed a few weeks before you will get to the topic so you can have some time to think them over. They are not a time line.

The “August” entries include some notes on the first days of school and then on limits.

The “Posts by Topic” and the “Archives” in the right side bar have also been change to drop downs to take up a little less space and make it more convenient. Here you can go directly to the topic you are interested in.

A new page has been added to the top navigation bar called “Videos.” A few years ago I made a series of video lessons on AP Calculus topics. I had forgotten about them until a reader wrote me a few weeks ago saying she used them last year to “flip” her class, and said it went well. There are many, many video lessons available on the web at YouTube, Vimeo, and similar sites, probably better than mine. Mine are at, but now you can access them directly from the blog. There are study sheets available with most of them.

I have never flipped a class. If you have good or poor experience with flipping I would like to hear from you. You could even be a guest blogger. Please e-mail me at or use the Comment box at the end of any post.

The other use for the videos is for reviewing, for students who are going to miss a few days, and for snow  or other weather day assignments.

In the coming year I hope to add posts that I hope will be useful. I’ll try to fill in any gaps (such as differential equations, which I notice I have only one post on).

As always I like to hear from you with comments, suggestions, questions, corrections, and especially ideas for posts – things you would like me to write about.. Again, please e-mail me at or use the Comment box at the end of any post.

But mostly this month – relax.

Next post: Pacing for AP Calculus


2 thoughts on “August – Vacation or Lesson Planning?

  1. Thanks for all the help Lin! You’ve been a tremendous resource in my growth as a calculus teacher. I made an attempt at something resembling flipping when I was absent from school for a month for jury duty. I realize that it was a butchered by my absence from the actual work my students did in class.

    I think it has potential, but I struggle with it as a fix-all solution. Skillfully implemented my impression is that it could be an effective complement to quality instruction. I struggle with the equity issues I feel that it creates around students with limited or no internet access at home.


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