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New posts will appear below. 

Today this blog is one year old. Thanks to all of you who have been following it. I hope you have found things here that help you and your students. During the first year I gave suggestions on teaching the content of a first-year calculus course. This does not change much from year to year so the post are still here and can be found using the “Posts by Topic” and “Archive” links on the right side of the screen and the “Tags” cloud at the bottom of the screen. There is also a new page called “Thru the Year” at the top. Here you will find a list of the topics in order by month. I will add a month each month.

This coming year I will try to fill in with the topics I have not already posted about. Suggestions are always welcome.

I continue my un-retirement this year by returning to teaching high school AP calculus BC along with Algebra 1. That may make for some interesting posts.

Hope you enjoy the new pictures.

I hope you have a  good year; wish me luck on mine.


2 thoughts on “August

  1. Good luck. Thanks for aiming us in the right direction with this helpful blog. Whenever I get the opportunity, I tell others how helpful it was and is.


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