Starting the year and beginning topics in calculus. The idea is that these post will get you started. This and the other months on the “Thru the Year” tab are sequenced to be a bit ahead of where you are. The August page list past post on topics at the beginning of the year through September. September’s page has October topics, and so on.

(Some items previously on this page were moved to a new page “Before You Start”)

Newer Posts  From 2017

August 1: AP Calculus Resources – An update list.

August 8: Getting Ready Calculator use, Starting school, Theorems,

August 15: Limits Posts on limits

August 22: Continuity

August 29: Working up to the Derivative   Local Linearity and calculator activities


Why Limits?

Deltas and Epsilons

Finding Limits




Fun with Continuity

From One Side or the Other on one-sided continuity

Right Answer – Wrong Question. What does “Continuous on its domain” mean.

Far Out  A fun limit, but best saved until after students can find maximum values and points of inflection.

VIDEOS on Limits

Theorems, Definitions, and Logic 

For Any – For Every – For All



Local Linearity – 1 Ideas

Local Linearity – 2 Introducing difference quotients leading to the definition of the derivative.

VIDEOS on Theorems 


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