Resources for Reviewing

This is a list of links to some resources for reviewing.

How, Not Only to Survive, but to Prevail… –  Notes and advice for your students. You may copy and duplicate this for your class.

Calculator Use on the AP Exams – hints and instruction.

Ted Gott’s Free-response Index – an excel spreadsheet searchable by topic, and referenced to the CED by Learning Objectives (LO) and Essential Knowledge (EK)

Type analysis – a listing of the questions on both free-response and multiple-choice questions by type, so you can find them easily.

Next Tuesday I will begin a series of posts on the various “type” questions that appear on the AP Calculus exams. The schedule is below.

Schedule of past and future posts for reviewing

  • Tuesday February 27 – AP Exam Review
  • Friday, March 2 – Resources for reviewing (this post)
  • Tuesday March 6 – Type 1 question – Rate and accumulation questions
  • Friday March 9 – Type 2 questions – Linear motion problems
  • Tuesday March 13 – Type 3 questions – Graph analysis problems
  • Friday March 16 – Type 4 questions – Area and volume problems
  • Tuesday Match 20 Type 5 questions – Table and Riemann sum questions
  • Friday March 23 Type 6 questions – Differential equation questions
  • Tuesday March 27 – Type 7 questions – miscellaneous
  • Friday March 30 Type 8 questions – Parametric and vector questions (BC topic)
  • Tuesday April 3 Type 9 questions – Polar equations
  • Friday April 6 Type 10 questions – Sequences and Series






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